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SUBJECT Regarding Layaway
WRITER Golden Haizi (ip:)
  • DATE 2017-06-03
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You can pay by Layaway for two~three month.

For layaway, you have to put 30% as the deposit in the first payment.

If you wish to pay by Layaway,  Please leave us a comment on Q&A board or send email to us(goldenhaizidoll@naver.com).

Layaway Application Form

Order number :
Customer ID :
Customer name :
Payment plan : (3 installment plan)

And make the order and pay the deposit 30% of the total payment to the Golden Haizi paypal account(goldenhaizi@hotmail.com).

We will send email to you when you paid, and we will change your order to "Processed".

And everytime you pay layaway, we will send email to you about the rest payment.

After complete deposit, we will start producing your doll and send it to you.

A layaway order cannot be cancelled after the initial payment.

The customers who wants to use layaway, please think enough about the order and request the layaway service.

Thank you.

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