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SUBJECT How long does it take for delivery?
WRITER Golden Haizi (ip:)
  • DATE 2017-06-14
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Q : How long does it take for delivery?

A : Golden Haizi dolls are 100% hand-made products.
We starts producing from the date of order.

Production time would be approximately 30~60 business days.

If you make an additional order for face-up service, or order a full-package item including make-up service, it take 1~2 weeks more.

Shipping time depends on the destination.
For the international mail, shipping time can be different from 4~5days (Express Mail Service delivery time is guaranteed in US, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia) to 10~14days depends on the countries.
However, delivery time can be longer if a duty/customs problem occurs.

Delivery time can be delayed whether there’s anyone who can receive the product or not and whether we can contact with the customer in case or absence.
Returns by the reason of absence and no ways to contact with customer, we are covering the returning fee. Therefore, in case of re-sending, additional shipping fee will be on the customer.

Thank You.

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